Interview with Kuailian’s Founder

A few days ago, the founder of Kuailian, Miguel Tello, was interviewed, with some very uncomfortable questions. Here is the video and also the transcript of the most interesting questions.

Questions to Miguel Tello, Founder of Kuailian

What is Kuailian?

As you can see on the website, it puts Kuailian decentralized protocol. But what does decentralized protocol mean? Well, a decentralized protocol allows the creation of a company that is not governed or directed by a corporation (people), but by an intelligent contract..

You say it’s not run by a corporation, but by machines, but you’re part of that corporation

The corporate one does have functions in the work of marketing, in the work of supervision at the level of programming for all the maintenance of the systems, because it is required human capital and people behind the system. But that is the very essence of the system is governed by a machine learning and intelligent contract are words a little complex, but basically this means that our system is controlled by an artificial intelligence. That is, this robot is the one that makes the decisions regarding the management of the masterNodes.

Kuailian then leaves emotions aside when it comes to economics

We have not invented anything, the MasterNodos systems are already working in the market. All Kuailian does is use an artificial intelligence system. The MasterNodos market is a very volatile market, with a lot of risk.

How Kuailian works in the masternode system

The best known system is the Word flow, which is the traditional mining or proof of work. But what people don’t know is the Brood of stake, which means that I can block a number of tokens inside the blockchain, that use this kind of protocols and that gives me the right to generate rewards for the verification of transactions that are generated through that node. You can do this manually, with technical means and also having the necessary capital. The only thing Kuailian adds is an artificial intelligence system that does all this in a completely autonomous way.

This means that we have created a system that assembles Master Nodes, disassembles Master Nodes, generates the reward on those MasterNodes and generates a return.

How can people make money in Kuailian?

At Kuailian we have made it very easy and simple for everyone. When a person enters our company with a $50.95 Fee, which is a one-time activation fee, this person can participate from as little as $100 in Ethereum in this verification system.

What is a person buying when he acquires a KUAI?

Basically what you are buying is a space on a server that is dedicated to the verification of this Brood of Stake. That is to say, it becomes part of a Pool composed of many MasterNodes and the artificial intelligence system what it does is, like a football coach, which MasterNodes play and which ones stay on the bench.

Another characteristic of this artificial intelligence system or Machine Learning is that it works 24/7, that is, it does not sleep, it does not need to eat, it does not need to rest, etc. Thanks to this, it allows Kuailian to adapt very quickly to the changes that are generated.

Can Kuailian’s team get their hands on the pool and the investors’ money and manage it at will?

That’s a very good question and I’m glad you asked it. What we’ve created is a decentralized protocol, so corporate doesn’t have access to that money. Which means, when a person buys a share, or a KUAI within the Pool, a contract is generated which is regulated by the Smart Contract. Then it is the Smart Contract that regulates the payments that are generated through the performance that the Machine Learning generates in these Master Nodes. That is to say, all the management of the wallets and the payments are being made by a Smart Contract and as this is uploaded to the blockChain network it is unalterable, so it is impossible for a person to access those funds.

Is Kuailian like an ICO?

Machine Learning does not marry anyone, this means that we use the real volume transactions that exist in the market. We do not generate volume, we simply take advantage of a resource that already exists in the market, and we apply an artificial intelligence system to it to make a profit.

What’s the worst-case scenario for Kuailian?

The worst scenario we could have is that the cryptomarket, the blockchain market, collapses. I explain you why, we are dedicated to verify transactions in this new protocol that already exists and that is having a great acceptance, since new cryptomonies are starting to use this new protocol.

What prevents Kuailian from closing and disappearing with all the investors’ money

The blockchain is impossible to hack. Our Smart Contract is uploaded to the Blockchain so it is untouchable. In order to withdraw all the money we would have to modify the Smart Contract and that is impossible, besides it is something public and there are millions of eyes watching this.

How does Kuailian make money?

The company as a whole makes a profit of 15% on a daily basis. Every day there is profit, we are not trading, nor investment, we verify transactions, so every day we receive profit, higher or lower, but we will always have a profit.

2 responses on “Interview with Kuailian’s Founder

  1. Mason Stevens-Smith

    Hi there,

    I’m interested in the product and have a few friendly questions that I need answers for before I can make my decision:
    1. What guarantee do we have that the investment of $100, which buys a KUAI, is then used to create a Smart contract?
    2. If Kuailian is accepting people’s money as means to reach the funds necessary to set up a masternode is this not an investment on the part of the user?
    3. Kuailian also offers a daily ROI. Which is a return on investment. This means that it is classed as a security.
    Are you regulated by any financial corporations that ensure the viability of Kuailian? If so, who?
    4. If one of your main goals is transparency then why is it seemingly difficult to see who is behind Kuailian? (it isn’t posted on your main website). I could only find an interview with someone on Youtube and this site. If I was the owner of a legit MLM company I would want to show as much information to verify that point as possible, why is Kuailian not doing this?
    5. Many of the ways that we could see if the transactions are legitimate can only be seen after paying the fee of $50.95, why is this?

    Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you soon!

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